• "Most businesses think that a product is the most important thing, but without great customers our success is marginal."
    Scott Genthner

Strategic Goals


Strategic Multi-Regional Distribution plan
Local Warehousing within each region


Veteran Salesforce with proven experience positioning Engineered Thermoplastics; Dedicated Customer Service; Bi-lingual Service;


Strategically positioned as an alternative distributor choice in N.A. to the “Big 5” for discerning clients who appreciate our relationship, service and response time allowing access of our management team to their decision makers.


Strong Supplier Partnerships based upon Accountability, Discipline, Transparency and Open Communication driving Growth and Increased Profitability for both our customers and supplier partners simultaneously expanding both our brands;

our mission

To provide our customers with the highest level of distribution service, offering quality resin products at fair and market competitive prices; to add value for clients and suppliers through innovation, foresight and aggressive performance; maintain the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity with our suppliers, associates, customers and employees.


Our team approach to Sales, dedicated Customer Service, Supplier Relations/Purchasing, Warehousing/Logistics, and Finance/Credit Departments supports our Multi-Regional Sales Strategy and allows for the single objective to help our customers achieve their goals in more profitable ways, resulting in the growth of our business.  We are committed to working together to fill the gaps of our customer’s needs; translating to ease of business and more meaningful business relationships for both us and our Supplier Partners.

We have the pellet that is right for you